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Question: Why Texan Data Mavens?

Answer: Efficient transfer of line item data from QuickBooks to QuickBooks, through txt or excel files has become increasingly more important to business owners and their CPA’s. As a key client level developer for Baystate Consulting we have established methods to support a broad base of industries. Each day presents a new set of challenges from our customers, which expands our uses for Transaction Importer 4.0. The following list is a representation of the types of challenges that we have been able to solve at the client level for Baystate Consulting:

1. QuickBooks A/R in one Company File, A/P in a separate Company File. Our challenge; combine 10 years of history for the two company files and merge, at the detail level, into one Company File.

2. A client was selling his company and only wanted to have the QuickBooks file to reflect the three preceding years of data, not the entire company history.

3. Create a new company file at the beginning of each year and bring over only open A/R and A/P transactions.

4. Move data from older accounting software into a QuickBooks Company File. Our challenge; mapping the data fields from excel or txt files.

Question: How much will this cost?

Answer: 1 to 3 years of QuickBooks data averages $6,000.00 to $19,500.00 depending on volume of transactions per year and integrity of data entry.

Question: That’s a pretty wide gap, can you get any closer?

Answer: A closer estimate can be given after evaluation of data.

Question: How long does this process take?

Answer: 1 to 3 years of QuickBooks data averages 80 hours to 260 hours, depending on volume of transactions per year and data entry integrity. Average turn around times: 15 – 90 days.

Question: What are your payment terms?

Answer: Weekly or bi-weekly billing based on hours worked, due within 10 days of invoice date.

Question: Do you require a retainer or credit references?

Answer: Yes, a $750.00 to $1500.00 retainer and a signed Contract Agreement with references are both required to start.

Question: What is the greatest volume of data you will work with?

Answer: 7 years is our limit and requires special provisions.

Question: What if my data is not currently in QuickBooks?

Answer: Older software to QuickBooks, estimated after examination of 30 day sample of data.

Question: Do we just send you the data and you take it from there?

Answer: No, we work closely with our clients and access to your data entry people and CPA is required.

Question: How do we get started?

Answer: First, we will meet using gotomeeting.com and actually look at your data together and discuss your project. Then we will take a copy of your data for sample run. We will then provide you with a Contract Agreement and invoice for retainer stating an estimated of scope of work. Sign, scan and return by email the Contract Agreement with your references and payment information and we will get started.

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